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Sylvan White gasoline truck

by John Soehner

Some years ago, John Soehner was visiting a hobby shop in Kingston, Ontario with N scale modelers John and Cathy Delroy. John had purchased a few Sylvan HO Scale vehicle kits, and Cathy commented on a couple of the Sylvan N scale offerings. He mistakenly stated that if she had trouble putting the White gasoline truck model together that he would be willing to help her out, or even build it for her. A few weeks later, Cathy indicated that the project would be too difficult for her to complete, and since John had opened his mouth, he was obligated to build his first N scale vehicle kit! As it turns out, John dropped one of the dual tire sets on the floor of his cottage that had an orange red pattern to the carpeting.  It took weeks to find the missing wheels! So his first and only N scale Sylvan model kit took extra time, and lots of crawling on his knees to find the missing parts! 

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