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N Gauge Models

While the purpose of the N Scale Vehicle Association is to promote the use and manufacture of 1:160 scale vehicle models, there are also models available in scales that are close to 1:160. 

1:148 Scale

Oxford, Langley and others manufacture 1:148 scale vehicle models that are compatible with the 1:148 model railroad equipment that is typically found in the United Kingdom, and operates on 9 mm (N gauge) track. While a specific vehicle produced in 1:148 scale will be larger than the same vehicle produced in 1:160 scale, there may be occasions when a 1:148 scale model vehicle may be usable as a stand-in for a similar, but larger prototype, vehicle in 1:160 scale. As we find these, we will post comparison photos. Link to Oxford Diecast Models

1:150 Scale

TomyTec, Maruka, Fujimoto, Bandai, F-toys, Pro Hobby, Skynet Aoshima and others manufacture model vehicles for modelers of Japanese prototype trains, where most of the model railroad equipment that operates on 9 mm (N gauge) track is 1:150 scale. These 1:150 scale vehicles are frequently marketed as N scale; however, the boxes are usually labeled N Gauge and/or 1:150 scale. Kato manufactures vehicle models in both 1:150 and 1:160 scale, and they are not always clearly marked as 1:150 scale or 1:160 scale. Link to F-Toys Constructions Sets

TomyTec is the most prolific manufacturer of the 1:150 scale model vehicles available. And now that Walthers is the exclusive North American distributor to the TomyTec line, these models have become more readily available, and some are being sold without noting they are 1:150 scale models. Link to TomyTec Collections

Therefore, we will feature comparison photos of 1:150 scale vehicles with 1:160 scale vehicles, because like the 1:148 scale vehicles, there are examples of a 1:150 scale model vehicles that are usable as stand-ins for similar, but larger prototype, 1:160 scale vehicles. In addition to the vehicles with little or no modifications, there are also 1:150 scale trucks and trailers that have useful parts for scratch building/kitbashing projects.

Contact: info@nscalevehicles.org

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