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Third Quarter 2014

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Showcase releases #65, the “Hoss”

Showcase Miniatures announcement of their new N scale Kenworth T800 tri-axle truck with 33 ton boom crane came with some humor. With the headline for the announcement reading:  “Sometimes you just need a Hoss for real muscle .  .  .” 

Fortunately for those of us from the western part of the country, the announcement included this additional clarification:  “and since Hoss is pretty much a southeastern term, here is a definition:  one who is a beast who can basically do anything he wants.  He could break anyone or anything in half.  Hoss is a compliment!"

The Kenworth T800 went into production in 1986, and the boom appears to be based on a National Crane prototype. Incidentally, National Crane has been producing truck mounted cranes since 1962! Showcase model #65 is available direct from Showcase Miniatures.

RAILNSCALE moves into the 1970s with class

The latest release from RAILNSCALE is the Mercedes-Benz W123 series, the predecessor to what is now the Mercedes E-Class. The W123 sedan made its debut in North America as a 1977 model, and the station wagon arrived in time for the 1979 model year. The W123 platform was replaced with the W124 platform beginning with the 1986 model year.

N2211 – Mercedes-Benz W123 (N 1:160) 

N2212 – Mercedes-Benz W123 T (N 1:160) 

N2213 – Mercedes-Benz W123 Taxi (N 1:160) 

N2711 – Set 2x Mercedes W123 & W123 T (N 1:160) 

N2712 – Regional Set: 5x Mercedes W123 (N 1:160) 

N2713 – Taxi Set: 3x Mercedes W123 + German taxi call box (N 1:160) 

N2714 – City Set: 5x Mercedes W123 + German taxi call box (N 1:160)

The car models consist of two parts for ease in painting. Instructions for building and painting the models, as well as a free download of the taxi decals, are available on the RAILNSCALE web site. Thanks go out once again to Maurice Pierik and Joris Hoogelander for the photos.

RAILNSCALE introduces post-WWII car models

Maurice Pierik and Joris Hoogelander have informed us that for the first time, RAILNSCALE will be offering post-WWII car models. They will start with the legendary Citroën 2CV, a car that became very popular in the 1970s.  The 2CV is available in the 1970-1990 saloon version, and the Citroën 250 delivery van is available in the 1970-1977 version. RAILNSCALE has added some very special models with front wheels that appear to steer.  And there is a Citroën 2CV with driver that appears to corner with the characteristic suspension travel that is typical for these cars.  Finally there is a heavily loaded 2CV with family and luggage.  All these models will make your layout a lot livelier, and are available via Shapeways. 

N2201 - Citroën 2CV (1970-1990)

N2202 - Citroën 250 (1970-1977)

N2203 - Citroën 2CV with wheels turning right

N2204 - Citroën 250 with wheels turning left

N2205 - Citroën 2CV with driver cornering left

N2206 - Citroën 2CV with family and luggage

N2701 - SET (N2201+N2202)

N2703 - SET (N2203+N2204)

N2706 - SET comprising all six versions of the Citroën 2CV

The models are unpainted 3D printed kits and each consists of two parts for ease in painting. Instructions, pictures and more information are available on the RAILNSCALE website. In addition to the 1:160 models, RAILNSCALE also has the Citroëns available in 1:148 scale.

Showcase Miniatures KW T800 semi-tractor

Showcase Miniatures model #60 is the semi-tractor version of the Kenworth T800.  The kit comes with triple axles, but can also be built as a tandem rear axle tractor.

RAILNSCALE celebrates their first anniversary

Maurice Pierik and Joris Hoogelander have informed us that on August 18th, 2014 RAILNSCALE will celebrate its one year anniversary. To mark this occasion, three new sets have been introduced. And because this is their anniversary, these sets will have an extra attractive discounted price only for the months August and September, 2014. After that, the sets will remain available, but at their normal price. The sets in detail are:

N2514 - 1930s German cars This set contains a BMW 328, DKW F7 Meisterklasse, Ford Eifel Express van and the Opel Olympia sedan.

N2515 - 1930s German cars This set contains a DKW F7 Front delivery van, DKW F7 Luxus Cabriolet, Ford Eifel sedan and the Opel Olympia Cabrio-Limousine. 

N2518 - Thresher with traction engine This set contains an Esterer Traction Engine and a Lanz thresher. The steam-powered traction engine was needed to drive the thresher, but was also used to power other machines. 

All models are unpainted 3D printed kits.  More information is available on the RAILNSCALE web site.

Contact: info@nscalevehicles.org

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