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Ways to Enhance the Athearn John Deere Tractors

Steps for enhancing Athearn John Deere Models G, 50, 60, 7820 and 9620 tractors

Paint GPS dome yellow (7820 and 9620 only)

Spray whole tractor with flat finish (optional)

Thinned flat finish adds an even more faded look (optional)

Highlight other details with markers, paint pen or paint

Selective weathering with powdered Tempera paint

Rear axles (optional)

Most John Deere tractors have a sliding hub on the rear axle

Replace rear axle with 0.025 inch diameter steel music wire using 1/16 inch aluminum tubing for new “axle housing” on 7820 and 9620 and 0.020 steel piano wire on the Models G, 50, and 60 tractors

Use Blacken It on the ends of the steel axles

Dual up the 7820 with wheels from the 9620


The etched metal mirrors on the JD 9620 can come loose and are easily lost. If you do lose any, that tractor can become a flatcar load because John Deere generally does not ship tractors by flatcar with the mirrors installed.

Some of the small parts on the Models G, 50 and 60 tractors may also come off while working on the enhancements.

While shortening the front axle is helpful, the front wheels of the prototype are angled to form a V shape when viewed from the front.

Do not apply Dull Cote after detailing with a Sharpie. The solvent in the Dull Cote readily dissolves the pigment in the Sharpie.

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