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Easy 'N' Inexpensive
Ways To Enhance Atlas Ford LNT-9000 Truck Tractor

Steps for enhancing the Atlas Ford LNT-9000 semi-tractor

Paint wheels with acrylic paint

Spray tires and wheels with flat finish

Blacken grill openings with black Sharpie, remove excess with toothpick

Blacken top of exhaust pipe with black Sharpie

Remove headlights, “silver” the back and replace

Color clearance lights and turn signals with colored markers or paint

Mirrors (scratch build or Lineside – formerly Road Apples)

Mud flaps from Evergreen styrene strips (0.03 X 0.03 and 0.01 X 0.156)

Decal license plates (optional)

Shorten or lengthen chassis (optional)

Scratch build or kitbash new beds (optional)

Air dam (optional) – Evergreen styrene (0.01 X 0.188) and staples or wire

Selective weathering with powdered Tempera paints


The headlights are small, be careful not to lose them.

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