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Ways To Enhance Bachmann Automobile Set No. 1

Steps for enhancing Bachmann Automobile Set No. 1

Remove body from chassis and window insert from body

Remove unneeded plastic from body (Corvette especially)

Strip paint from body and repaint an appropriate color

Paint grills, bumpers and headlights silver

Make taillights for Corvette by drilling four shallow 0.025" holes

Paint taillights red for all models

Replace chassis with one from a donor vehicle (Wiking, Tomix etc.)

Paint or color hubcaps silver

Use Microscale Kristal Klear for windows

Decal license plates (optional)

Selective weathering with powdered Tempera paints


Sometimes the window insert is difficult to remove. If you encounter this problem, try soaking the entire car body in soapy water for a few minutes, and then place it in the freezer. The freezing action should force the window insert away from the car roof enough to break the bonds of the glue that were used to attach the window insert to the car body. 

The Corvette requires a great deal of filing and sanding. How far you want to go with depends on your patience. The model shown is still a bit “thick” from top to bottom, but this is the point in which I ran out of patience with it.

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