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Ways To Enhance Classic Metal Works IH R-190 Wheelbase

Steps for changing the wheelbase of CMW IH R-190 truck

CMW’s IH R-190 trucks with tandem rear axles appear to all have the same wheelbase.  One way to add variety is to make one truck into a shorter wheelbase semi-tractor and the other into a longer wheelbase straight truck.  You can then add the bed of your choice to the straight truck.

Cut the chassis of first model in front of and near the leading rear axle

Cut the chassis of second model near the back of the cab

Splice the cab section from the second model to the chassis from the first model – This gives you a “short” wheelbase semi-tractor

Splice the cab section from the first model to the chassis from the second model – This gives you a “long” wheelbase straight truck (cab and chassis)

Install the truck bed of your choice on the straight truck (the example uses a modified Wiking dump truck bed)

A removable non-working hydraulic ram for the dump can be made with 1/16 inch diameter aluminum tubing and 0.032 diameter music wire.  Cut a 0.5 inch section of tubing and a 1.0 inch section of wire.

CA glue is used to position the wire so a small portion extends from the bottom of the ram. Drill shallow holes with a no. 66 drill bit in the truck chassis and the bottom of the front of the bed to accept the wire.

Mud flaps are fabricated with glue and Evergreen styrene strips (0.03 X 0.03 for the support bar and 0.01 X 0.156 for the flaps)

Paint mud flaps flat black and attach to the model

Decal license plates (optional)

Dust with powdered Tempera paints using a dry paint brush (can also tone down the overall shine of the finish)

Black for brake pad (or shoe) dust and tire weathering

Brown for dirt and dust


Making sure everything lines up correctly when splicing the cab section to the rear chassis section.

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