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Awesome ‘N’ Amazing
Project to create an IH Sleeper Cab
from a Classic Metal Works IH R-190

An IH Sleeper Cab from a CMW IH R-190 by Markus Schiavo

This this photo of a derelict IH R-Series truck with sleeper cab rusting away in an oilfield was the inspiration for this project.

1.  The Classic Metal Works R-190 is first disassembled.

2. The rear section of a Wiking travel trailer is removed to become the sleeper portion of the cab.

3. The “sleeper” is placed next to the truck cab to check for proper fit and alignment.

4. The side windows on the “sleeper” are filled with styrene.

5. The “sleeper” is attached to the cab.

6. The wheel wells are enlarged to accommodate the larger Littke wheels that will be used on the finished model.

7. The rear window of the sleeper is filled with styrene, and new side windows for the sleeper are drilled and formed with a small file.

8. The R-190 chassis is cut in half and the fuel tanks removed.  The replacement Littke wheel are shown next to the CMW stock wheels.

9.  A new extended rear chassis is fabricated from styrene.  The “stock” CMW tractor is on the left.

10.  A modified etched brass bull bar from FKS Modelbau is prepared to be added to the front of the truck.

11.  After test fitting the parts, the model is painted with Testors matte steel blue.  The fifth wheel plate came from an Atlas LNT-9000.

12.  The painted parts are reassembled, and the modified model is compared to the original R-190.

13. HO scale air horns from Herpa are installed.  (The air horns may eventually be removed or replaced because of their large size.)  Weathering powder is used to give the truck an aged and rugged look.

14.  A GHQ vertical exhaust pipe is installed as well as mirrors, mud flaps and decals from FKS Modelbau.

15.  A nose to nose comparison of the before and after versions of the truck.

And now for a 360° view of the finished truck by Markus Schiavo

See Photo Gallery 2 for additional photos of the finished model

Download PDF Version

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