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Ways To Enhance  C in C Chevrolet C Series trucks

Steps for enhancing Chevrolet C Series trucks

Clean all parts thoroughly before assembling with your favorite adhesive

Apply Microscale Micro Mask to any parts you do want painted (such as the grille and possibly the wheel centers)

Paint primer color

Pre-drill holes for attaching mirrors made from music wire and styrene strip

Paint final color

Highlight details with paint, paint pen or markers

Mud flaps from Evergreen styrene strips (0.03 X 0.03 and 0.01 X 0.156)

Use Microscale Kristal Klear for windows

Scratch build or kitbash beds for additional variety

Decal license plates (optional)

Attach the mirrors you made from music wire and styrene strip

Selective weathering with powdered Tempera paints


Assembling cast pewter kits are usually not a problem, but painting and detailing them can often be a challenge. I generally create sub assemblies consisting of the chassis and wheels, the cab and the bed. These sub assemblies are painted prior to final assembly.

Do not apply heat from a heat gun to accelerate the drying of the paint. The heated metal can explode and completely destroy the model!

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