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Enhance first generation Wiking automobiles

Steps for enhancing “first generation” Wiking automobile sets

Remove the body from the chassis

Highlight some of the details with Sharpies (fine or ultrafine tip)

Silver for bumpers, hubcaps and hood ornament or grille if any

Black may be used for tires instead of paint (but don’t Dullcote)

Silver paint pen or paint for headlights (a silver Sharpie appears more aluminum while silver paint pens or paints are more reflective.)

Red for taillights (stop light red or clear red paint)

Flat black paint for tires and fender wells (or use a Sharpie)

Decal license plates (optional)

Dust with powdered Tempera paints using a dry paint brush (can also tone down the overall shine of the finish)

Black for brake pad (or shoe) dust and tire weathering

Brown for dirt and dust

Wiking VW Squareback



If the removal of the body from the chassis proves difficult, it is not absolutely necessary to perform that task

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