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Kitbash ‘N’
Project to create a
Heavy Rescue/Tow Truck

1. The Wiking Mercedes-Benz L 10000 is disassembled and selected cuts are made. The chassis is shortened with the removal of the front bumper and fuel tank section.

2. The parts are reassembled with Plastruct and styrene shapes to reinforce the splices and create running boards.

3. The wrecker bed is fabricated, and wheel wells are formed with the help of a rotary cutter.

4. A rear window is cut out, and new headlights and mirrors are added. The mirrors are HO scale from Herpa. Everything is test fitted and made ready for painting.

5. The model is painted Mattes Hazel and allowed to dry.

6. Now the detailing begins with the wheels painted silver with red hubs. Perforated aluminum foil is used for the walkways and grille.

7. Exhaust pipes, air filters, horns and winch are added along with a spare tire placed behind the cab.

8. The wrecker boom is fabricated with HO scale gantry crane parts and power pole tips. Tubing and wires are used for the hydraulic cylinders.

9. Additional details such as buckets, pylons, chain binders are added to the bed. Fuel and hydraulic oil tanks as well as outriggers can be found under the bed. A new bumper graces the front of the truck.

10. The finished truck is ready to go to work.

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