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N Scale Vehicles by Era

Not all manufacturers of N scale vehicle models include the prototype’s model year when they promote their product. Also, there are many discontinued models available at swap meets and online in which the seller may not know or be able to tell you that information. 

The N Scale Vehicle Association has been compiling the data to assist you in identifying which model vehicles are suitable for your modeling era. Clicking on the links will reveal photos of a variety of N scale vehicle models, and the year(s) the prototype was available as a new vehicle in North America. We started with the “ready to use” N scale models of automobiles, light trucks, SUVs and vans. But as time permits, additional N scale vehicle models will be added for all of the decades shown below.

Model years pre-1900

Model years 1900 to 1909

Model years 1910 to 1919

Model years 1920 to 1929

Model years 1930 to 1939

Model years 1940 to 1949

Model years 1950 to 1959

Model years 1960 to 1969

Model years 1970 to 1979

Model years 1980 to 1989

Model years 1990 to 1999

Model years 2000 to 2009

Model years 2010 to 2019


Contact: info@nscalevehicles.org

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