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The purpose of these projects is not to create super-detailed vehicle models, but merely to create models that blend into and compliment a scene, not distract from it.  

The links below will take you to a relatively simple project that will help make your N scale vehicle models look like they have been around the block a time or two. In addition to removing the right from the showroom look, these projects also bring out some details that you may not have noticed.

You probably already have most of the materials used for these projects. However, not all of the projects require all of the materials listed below:

    1. Acrylic and enamel paints (Polly Scale, Tamiya, Floquil, Testors, etc.)
    2. Colored permanent markers such as Sharpie (if you intent to finish the model with Dullcote or other flat lacquer, apply the Sharpie color after spraying because the Sharpie ink will run)
    3. Evergreen styrene (various sizes and shapes)
    4. Flat finish coating
    5. Magnifier
    6. Microscale Kristal Klear, Micro Mask and decals
    7. DeLuxe Innovations decals
    8. Paint pens
    9. PC, inkjet colored printer and inkjet decal paper
    10. Piano wire and brass rod (0.015", 0.020", 0.025" and 0.039")
    11. Powdered Tempera paints – they adhere to the surface better than chalk, but can be washed off
    12. Toothpicks (round or square)
    13. Typical modeling tools (knives, paint brushes, etc.)
    14. Various other odds and ends from the junk box
    15. Additional items may be described within the individual projects

Each link below is to a web page that also links to a PDF file that may be downloaded or printed.

01 – Athearn Mack Cement Trucks
02 – First Generation Wiking Automobiles
03 – Kato Toyotas
04 – Third Generation Wiking Automobiles
05 – Herpa MINIs
06 – CMW Automobiles
07 – Changing the Wheelbase of CMW IH R-190
08 – Con-Cor Freightliner COE
09 – Con-Cor Kenworth
10 – Atlas Ford LNT 9000
11 – Atlas Ford F-150
12 – Atlas Ford Taurus
13 – Atlas Ford Fairmont
14 – Making a Pup Trailer from a Con-Cor 40-foot Trailer
15 – Bachmann Automobile Set No 1
16 – C in C Chevrolet C Series Trucks
17 – Showcase Miniatures Semi-tractors
18 – Athearn John Deere Tractors
19 - How to Trick Your Truck for Just a Buck
20 - Extending the wheelbase of the Woodland Scenics stake bed truck


The projects you will find under this category showcase some of the finest N scale vehicle modelers and their modeling efforts.  These projects describe how to create well detailed and unique models that belong in the forefront of any scene. 

The links below will take you to projects that may require skills that are beyond what many of us possess, but they are definitely worthy of admiration.  They are also an inspiration and confirmation that 1:160 scale vehicles can be made to look just as realistic as the vehicles in the larger scales.

01 - FedEx Dodge Sprinter by Peter Wisniewski
02 - International “Oilfield” Truck by Markus Schiavo
03 - Knox Chemical Fire Engine by Peter Wisniewski


The projects you will find here go beyond the cosmetics of painting and detailing.  These models went under the knife for some serious plastic surgery!

The links below will take you to a step by step tutorial of how a model can be transformed to fill a niche or void in our N scale world.

01 – Heavy Rescue (tow truck) from a Wiking Mercedes-Benz L 10000 by Markus Schiavo

Contact: info@nscalevehicles.org

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